When Sarah began coaching me, my primary areas of focus were around managing across lines of difference and improving my self-management techniques to present consistently even in my most difficult relationships.  As a person who stays “up in my head” I was drawn to Sarah’s whole body approach.  In fact, it was this approach that allowed me to travel into the depths of my being (past, present and future) in a powerful way – I talked to my 10 year old self, my 70 year old self, and my ancestors.  The experience was more powerful than I could have ever thought possible.  She laid out a clear pathway, guided me compassionately through each step and helped me with accountability along the way.  Today, I don’t feel the burden of managing across lines of difference – instead it feels like an opportunity to learn and grow.  Quite frankly though, that is just the beginning.  You might read this and think “yeah right” or “doesn’t seem possible” or even, “huh?”.  But I’m a real and I can bare witness to Sarah’s ability to transform. -Shauwea Hamilton

There are some people you meet in which you are at a loss for words to describe their being. Sarah is one of these people. Sarah can "DO" amazing things AND even more amazing is  "BEing".  Part of her magic is that she is firmly grounded in who she is... a Muslim, a mother, an organizer, a liberation fighter, an artist, a transformation coach and coach trainer. Sarah is someone that has the ability to see your essence... your reason for being in your body, on this planet, at this time and she reflects your power right back to you. Sarah is not the kind of person that will let you hide or settle for anything less than your most divinely radiant Self.  I am truly humbled to be in the presence of such an elevated and humble soul. -Damon Azali-Rojas

I am so glad that I worked with Sarah. She was able to help me realize something that I wasn't able to work out in therapy. And I have not been the same since. Her approach is so innovative, and her voice is so soothing. I can't wait to get back to working with her. She is someone that I would definitely keep in my box of tools to help me realize my goals and aspirations. Eman A.

Sarah is a fantastic coach. She is compassionate and adaptive. She was consistently guiding me to the right questions, without having to ask them outright. Her exercises forced me to think in new ways that helped me unlock goals I didn't always realize I had. She was patient and kind, and reminded to me to be the same with myself. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. I would recommend her without hesitation. –Farha T.

Having Sarah as a life coach has been a quietly transformative and amazing experience. Sarah's style is generous and patient, and the safety I felt with her helped me ultimately feel more comfortable with the reality of my own stories. Coaching has helped me change the ways I frame problems, manage anxieties, invest in myself, and keep meaningful people and things inside my world. With her careful prompts, open questions, and gentle guidance, Sarah brought me to recognize the values that bring honesty and alignment to my life today. I would recommend her coaching in warm, grateful heartbeat.-Samah Mahmood

I’ve been working with Sarah Jawaid for the last year now and I continue to be impressed with every session. Her ability to connect with people is one of her most admirable qualities. She has able to create an environment in which I feel safe, and more importantly, empowered. She asks just the right questions to get me to think critically about an issue and dig deep, and she offers the kind of empathy and nuance that I have been searching for a long time in a Coach as a Muslim woman of color. Her humility and welcoming smile only adds to my long list of appreciation of her. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking to grow their personal and professional leadership. -Nadiah Mohajir

I consider Sarah an essential part of a leader's support team. Her work not only helps people in high-stress environments process what they encounter as they work to solve complicated problems, but guides those individuals through a longer, deeper, and much larger process of growth and healing to reach new levels of understanding and insight.

Coaching with Sarah is very different from other types of mentorship or leadership development. Coaching is about putting together the puzzle of your whole self. The "parts" method that Sarah uses helps you see the shape of each of the pieces and determine which pieces go where. By going on this journey with Sarah, you can examine each of the pieces on your own time, and get re-acquainted with the pieces that have long been stored out of sight (even though they still impact how you work).

On an interpersonal level, Sarah is very good at what she does. She is skilled, compassionate, and wise. She brings a playful energy and curious but gentle mindset to the process that guides but does not interrupt. You feel heard and understood and valued while spending time with her. Additionally, you come away from each session with a task or activity to work on in order to implement the wisdom of what you've learned about yourself and the way you work best. Each task itself is important, and I've also found great value in applying the methods we use during sessions to other times throughout the week as well, a practice that is actually encouraged by coaching. By sticking with Sarah's coaching and applying yourself to the process, you can begin to unpack and re-visit the various parts that make up your whole self so that you can see the bigger picture and place everything in alignment. Working with her is like working to lift a cloudy, dusty film off a picture and re-discovering the vibrancy underneath.

I value coaching most - and Sarah's coaching especially - because of how deeply it's a self-guided journey. She's there as a kind friend and disciplined confidante to help you walk that path without slipping and falling, and she doesn't feed you answers or interject with opinions as to what you should do. I am deeply grateful for our partnership, and I encourage others to invest in this opportunity as well. By having this support available to me, I feel more confident in continuing with my professional work and in finding joy and meaning in all areas of my life. -Namira I.